healthy hair extensions nourished by nature.

Raw Material Traceability · Friendly for Thin/Fine Hair · No Over-Wearing · No Burden On Scalp


Invisible&Seamless Clip In Extensions

  • Near Roots Close Parting
  • Ultra-thin matted silicone band, 0.4cm
  • Natural Looking For All Types Of Hair, Especially Thin/Fine Hair
  • Lays flat against scalp on all types of hair
  • Available in 18", 22"

Halo Hair Extensions

  • One-piece weft for instant length & volume
  • Best for fine/thin hair or hypersensitive scalp
  • Pre-trimmed layers for better blending
  • Available in 16" 120g and 20" 140g

Single Seamless Clip-in Volumizer

  • 1x 8",4 clips Or 2x 4",2 clips Or 2x 3",2 clips & 2x 1",1 clip
  • Mimic The Hair Growth On The Scalp
  • Near Roots Close Parting
  • Friendly for Thin/Fine Hair
  • Available in 18" & 22"

Ponytail Hair Extensions

  • One-piece application
  • Well constructed with bendable metal tap
  • Thick from root to ends


Halo hair extensions is suitable for thin + medium hair that is longer than shoulder length, and for very fragile hair or sensitive scalps. It demands low skills level and can be applied in 60 seconds. Up styling is difficult to achieve.

Seamless Clip-ins hair extensions is suitable for thin/ medium/ thick hair and for all hair lengths, and isn't for very fragile hair or sensitive scalps. It demands medium skill level and can be applied in a few seconds. It can be visible with certain hairstyles. Such as ponytails, buns, braids etc.

It is a complement to your existing set, it only thickens your hair of the same length as the single clip-in. (For example, if you have 18inch hair, you can purchase the 18inch single clip-in to add thickness to your hair.) Unlike Halo hair extensions, the single clip-in does not lengthen when used alone (it weighs 30~40g).