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Chestnut Brown Highlights Invisible Clip-Ins 22" (140g)-🚨Clearance🚨
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Ash Brown Balayage Invisible Clip-Ins 18" (100g)-🚨Clearance🚨
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The specific length extensions can look different on different persons, the taller you are the shorter the hair looks on you, and vice versa. You can take a look at below length guide. 

Here are some tips that might be helpful for your length choice: 

You don't want to get the hair extensions of length that doubles your hair.

If you are new to hair extensions, you might want to try a shorter length to start.

You may do some trimming to the hair extensions or your hair for a better blending.

Get the higher weight set if you decide to get length that is much longer than your hair.

We use multi-tonal dyeing technique to achieve the best blending effect. And our product pictures were taken under conditions that mimic natural light to ensure that they are close to the real color.

If you can't determine the fit color through the pictures and color descriptions, we are happy to offer you a second opinion. Please email us with your hair pictures under natural lights of the front, back and side, we will help you match your hair with the right shade.

Considering our hair is virgin remy hair that cut directly from the donor without doing any further procedure, it could be treated just as your own hair. You may want to use less product and less heat on it, apply heat protectant if you use hot tool for styling. And remember to do hydration treatment for the hair on regular.

It is recommended to carry out styling at 120°C/250F or lower temperature. Excessively high temperature will cause damage to hair quality and silicone band resulting in hair loss.

While the seamless clip-ins apply a different method of putting hair strands into the extensions, shedding is surely seen less than classic hair extensions. Pay attention to the silicone base, and when the extensions are smooth and moisture, shedding is less likely to occur.

It can be washed like real hair, but the whole process should be limited to 20-30 minutes to avoid any potential damage to the silicone base. The silicone base is hard to dry after soaking in the water over time. It is also not recommended to wear hair extensions for swimming or bathing, and prolonged exposure to water should be avoided.

Since our hair is virgin remy hair, healthy just like your own hair, Endaring hair extensions can be styled with hot tools. It is recommended to carry out styling at 120°C/250F or lower temperature and apply heat protectant prior to styling. Excessively high temperature will cause damage to hair quality and silicone band resulting in hair loss.

Endaring focuses on product details. We adopted a different technique to our seamless clip-ins making the band matte and thinner, which provides undetectable looking while providing a comfortable wearing experience.

If the hair looks a bit dull, has a good amount of product in it, or you want to change heat styles: it's time to give them a wash.

Before washing, gently comb the hair to remove tangles, from bottom to top.

Wash with lukewarm water and apply a small amount of shampoo.

After rinsing out the shampoo, apply conditioner to the hair.

Thoroughly rinse out and let the extensions air dry.

It usually takes 2 business days to get your order ready for shipping. We offer free international express shipping on all orders via DHL or FedEx with delivery time ranging from 1 to 5 business days depending on your location.