About Hair Extensions

Endaring ready-to-wear hair extensions are made to get thick and long hair easily at home. Instead of sitting in the salon for hours, it will help you achieve discreet hair goals by simply clipping on the extensions in minutes. Clip-in extensions don't put natural hair under pressure, the scalp can get a break whenever you want it to.

Yes, our ready-to-wear hair extensions works for fine and thin hair to add volume and length with zero damage to your natural hair.

Endaring hair extensions can blend ideally with different types of hair textures. Make sure your hair is smooth, and it will give your hair a blow-out or press-out for a natural blending.

Yes, Endaring make all the extension by ourselves, we don't have limits on adding more long hair to the extensions, so our seamless clip-ins and clip-in ponytail come with thick ends. Our halo hair extensions come with pre-trimmed ends for natural blending.

Endaring hair extensions are made of luxury virgin remy hair, the raw hair is healthy and strong, which makes the hair extensions not easy to get frizzy or tangle even after dozens of times' washing. Don't get surprised if you find some shedding throughout the life span, it's common occurance for real human hair products. But seamless clip ins are less likely to shed comparing to classic clip ins because of the different producing technique. Remember to treat the hair extensions as how you treat your own hair, when the hair is hydrated and smooth, it's less likely to see tangling and shedding.

Endaring focuses on product details. We adopted a different technique to our seamless clip-ins to making the band thinner and matte, which serves the undetectable looking while providing a comfortable wearing experience.  

The transparent wire of halo hair extensions can hide in your hair without notice.

The design of our ponytail extension can perfectly wrap around your hair and provides a nice ponytail shape.

If you are new to extensions you may feel the weight of the extra hair added to your head at first. But you won't feel the pressure of pulling your hair, you will get used to it soon by properly clipping it in.

No, clip-in hair extensions are a proved safe and temporary method to get dreamy longer and fuller hair in several minutes. They can be applied and removed whenver you want.

Unlike the semi-permanent alternatives, both clip-ins and halo extensions can instantly achieve your ideal thickness and length without causing damage to your hair or having impact on your hair growth. Clip-ins are installed to different positions of your head for nice blending, they are laid flat to your roots. Halo hair extensions make your hair fuller and longer via just adding one piece, the transparent wire helps the extension sit on the crown of your head.

No, all Endaring hair extensions come in straight texture. As our hair is the highest-quality virgin remy hair, you can feel free to style the extensions with curling iron or add heatless curls.

It really depends on the security measures of different airports. If the extensions set off the alarm, you can just let the security agent know you are wearing hair extensions. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you do not carry hair extensions when going through security at the airport.

Our Hair

Virgin remy human hair is the best hair available and this is the only type of hair Endaring adopts to produce our hair extensions. The hair has never been permed or colored; all the hair is collected with cuticles intact and unidirectional, it doesn't require any chemical or physical work to the cuticles; each hair strand is strong and healthy; the life-span is longer and no frizz or tangle issues.

All Endaring hair exensions are made of virgin human hair, which is fairly and carefully collected by Endaring team. The hair has never gone through any perming or dying, so here are the healthy and strong hair strands. The hair doesn't have to experience any further chemical procedure to make the hair cuticles alined in direction because we collect the hair by directly cutting the hair face to face, we could ensure the direction consistency of the hair cuticles in this way.

All of Endaring hair is sourced from ethnic minority settlements in southwest China, where the hair of the women is naturally healthy and strong. Their hair has never been artificially dyed or permed, they take care of hair through natural and organic way. The whole collecting process done by Endaring team is transparent, reliable and fair.

Endaring hair extensions can last 1-2 years or more with proper care. We only use the best quality virgin remy hair for making our extensions, we provide 1-year hair quality gurantee. You won't experience frizzy or tangle issues with our hair extensions. Remember to do moisture or conditioning treatment to the extensions like you do to your hair, you will find them last suprisingly long.

About Clip-In Extensions

Endaring ultra seamless clip-ins are made with thin and matte silicone band which is only 0.4cm wide. It helps lay flat against the scalp and give a more natural looking, especially for thin and fine hair. Classic clip-in extensions are sewing hair onto a fabric band. The thick stiched fabric band is better for those who have thick hair or want to add volume to the roots.

While the seamless clip-ins apply a different method of putting hair strands into the extensions, shedding is surely less than classic hair extensions. Pay attention to the silicone base, and when the extensions are smooth and moisture, shedding is less likely to occur.

We have 9 pieces and 10 pieces catering to different customers' needs. The 18inches (130g) and 22inches (180g) have total 9 pieces, and our sets of 18inches (160g) and 22inches (220g) come in 10 pieces in total. 

9-piece set:

1 x 8-inch, 4 clips

2 x 6-inch, 3 clips

2 x 4-inch, 2 clips

2 x 3-inch, 2 clips

2 x 1-inch, 1 clip

10-piece set:

1 x 8-inch, 4 clips

1 x 7-inch, 4 clips

2 x 6-inch, 3 clips

2 x 4-inch, 2 clips

2 x 3-inch, 2 clips

2 x 1-inch, 1 clip

Yes, each set of our hair extensions carry 2 spare clips for replacement.

It can be washed like real hair, but the whole process should be limited to 20-30 minutes to avoid any potential damage to the silicone base. The silicone base is hard to dry after soaking in the water over time. It is also not recommended to wear hair extensions for swimming or bathing, and prolonged exposure to water should be avoided.

About Halo Extensions

Halo hair extension can thicken your hair or add lengths in minutes, making it the most perfect choice for beginners and easy to use on a daily basis. It is secured by nylon wire that sits in your hair at the crown and has 4 clips sewn in to ensure that it stays in place. The weight of your hair covering halo on top helps to keep it in place so that the halo will stay sturdy even when the head is moving.

Halo hair extensions require less upkeep than clip-in extensions do. To create an ideal blend, you don't need to clip in many wefts. If you have thin, brittle hair or a sensitive scalp and find it challenging to wear clip-in extensions, halo hair extensions are a perfect alternative.

Halo hair extension is one piece in all. It is easy to wear and can get your hair more volume and length in minutes with no commitment. It do not harm to your own hair and won't affect your hair growth.

Endaring has halo extensions available in 16inches and 20inches. We don't suggest you to buy halo if you have pixie cut hair or blunt cut bob. If you want to add thickness to your bob hair, you will need to trim the extensions for the excellent blending.

The weft of both our 16inches and 20 inches halo is 10 inches wide.

Before wearing the halo, you need to adjust the wire to fit your head circumference and avoid wearing it too high or too low. The halo hair extensions should be at ease around your head's crown as a general guideline. The correct wearing position can be verified by whether the halo slips off when shaking your head.

You need to brush your hair to be smooth first, then section your hair at the crown area, apply the halo by putting the clear wire at the top of your head and properly clipping in the clips at the back. You may also do finish touching like combing the hair in the front to hide the wire, adding some curls for heavenly blending results.

The thin and clear feature of the wire make it invisible in your hair. And you can always conceal the wire by adding a bit of hair over it.

No, the wire won't cause damage to your hair with the elasticity. You may feel a little weight attached to your scalp, but the thin wire will spread the pressure to the entire crown and will not lead to discomfort.

It won't slip off if you apply your halo properly. Halo hair extension is secured by nylon wire that sits in your hair at the crown and has 4 clips sewn in to ensure that it stays in place. The weight of your hair covering halo on top helps to keep it in place so that the halo will stay sturdy even when the head is moving.

With halo hair extension on the head, you can do half up half down, and low ponytail hairstyles. If you want to do high ponytails, clip-ins will be a better option.

About Ponytail Extensions

It has a velcro base that sticks together to hold the ponytail. Additionally, a long hair strand is used to wrap around the base to guarantee a flawless fit. And we attached two bendable metal tabs to the ponytail base to add height to the ponytail. Above all, it is a simple method for instantly lengthening and volumizing your ponytail and updos.

Ponytail hair extensions can help you create a perfect ponytail look with more volume and length in minutes, even when your hair is greasy or oily. It makes bouncy high ponytail, low ponytail, braided ponytail, as well as voluminous bun achievable.

Yes, it is suitable for all types of hair textures. And you are certainly able to add curls or waves to the ponytail.

The clips can pull your scalp uncomfortably if you don't apply the extensions properly. Our Endaring ponytail hair extension is intended to be simple to put on while still feeling cozy and safe. With the help of a comb and a velcro wrap-around strap, you will wrap the velcro parts around your ponytail to secure it after it is clipped onto your own ponytail.

To find the most comfortable ponytail styles, you may try different wearing ways, like a high ponytail, low ponytail, or buns.

Choose Your Set: Clip-In/Ponytail/Halo

The specific length extensions can look different on different persons, the taller you are the shorter the hair looks on you, and vice versa. You can take a look at below length guide. 

Here are some tips that might be helpful for your length choice: 

You don't want to get the hair extensions of length that doubles your hair.

If you are new to hair extensions, you might want to try a shorter length to start.

You may do some trimming to the hair extensions or your hair for a better blending.

Get the higher weight set if you decide to get length that is much longer than your hair.

Click to see the length guide.

Yes, every order of Endaring hair extensions comes with a tester piece, you can determine if the extension is a good match by trying the color swatch. If it's not a perfect match, you can exchange or return for free.

We use multi-tonal dyeing technique to achieve the best blending effect. And our product pictures were taken under conditions that mimic natural light to ensure that they are close to the real color.

If you can't determine the matching color through the pictures and color descriptions, we are happy to offer you a second opinion. Please email us with your hair pictures under natural lights of the front, back and side, we will help you match your hair with the right shade.

The best way to choose the right color of ponytail extension is to match the mid-end of your hair; it is where the ponytail starts.

Extension Care & Style

If the hair looks a bit dull, has a good amount of product in it, or you want to change heat styles: it's time to give them a wash.

Before washing, gently comb the hair from bottom to top to remove tangle. Then wash with lukewarm water and apply a small amount of shampoo. After rinsing out the shampoo, apply conditioner to the hair. Thoroughly rinse out and let the extensions air dry.

Since our hair is virgin remy hair that as healthy as your own hair, Endaring hair extensions could be surely styled with hot tools. It is recommended to carry out styling at 120°C/250F or lower temperature and apply heat protectant prior to styling. Excessively high temperature will cause damage to hair quality and silicone band resulting in hair loss.

It is recommended to carry out styling at 120°C/250F or lower temperature. Excessively high temperature will cause damage to hair quality and silicone band resulting in hair loss.

It is recommended to carry out styling at 120°C/250F or lower temperature. Excessively high temperature will cause damage to hair quality and silicone band resulting in hair loss.

Hair extensions can be worn at any time or anywhere you want, and they are excellent for special occasions or everyday use. But it is not recommended to use them while sleeping, as they can cause the hair strands to knot or fall out.

It is not recommended to wear hair extensions while swimming or bathing. As with your own hair, solvents in pools, salt in seawater, and mud can cause damage to hair strands. There is hidden danger when clips tangle in hair during swimming. When wearing hair extensions, avoid strenuous exercise; sweating can cause frizz and knots and shorten the life span. Be sure to remove them before working out and be sure to remove them before working out, and avoid contact between hair extensions and sweat.

The clips can cause discomfort to your scalp and tend to result in tangles while wearing hair extensions to sleep, so it's not recommended to do so.

Considering our hair is virgin remy hair that cut directly from the donor without any other procedure, it should be treated just as your own hair. You may want to use less product and less heat on it, apply heat protectant if you use hot tool for styling. And remember to take hydration treatment for the hair on regular.

We advise extra caution when brushing over the halo hair extension's wire to prevent snagging.

Quality Guarantee

The quality of our virgin remy hair distinguishes our hair extensions from others. We believe our hair quality will take our customers on a never-before extension journey, and we are happy to make a promise for it. We offer 1-year hair quality warranty for our clip-ins, halo and ponytail extensions.

Free Replacement
We offer free replacement if you receive the extensions in lousy condition or your extensions start to be matted or get tangled after 1-month of usage.
* Damage caused by inappropriate use is not eligible for a free replacement.

Free Repair
We provide free repair service if your hair extensions are knotted and can't brush through within the after-sale 1 year.

*All fee will be charged, and the shipping fee will be on customers if the hair issues are caused by misuse.

Payment Methods

We currently have PayPal and credit card available for payment methods.

Shipping & Delivery

It usually takes 2 business days to get your order ready for shipping. Once we ship out your order, you will be noticed through email.

We offer free international express shipping on all orders via DHL or FedEx with delivery time ranging from 1 to 5 business days depending on your location.

We offer free international express shipping on all orders via DHL or FedEx.

We ship to most countries where DHL or FedEx can reach.

If you don't find the option of country at checkout, that usually means it is very easy to be subject to high value taxes. And we are not able to cover that custom fee, so we removed these countries as options.

Orders shipped outside of the United States may be subject to customs fees and import taxes applied when the package reaches the destination nation. We are not liable for any tariffs or taxes, even though we typically declare the hair as "synthetic hair" with a very low value to help avoid taxes (UK orders will be declared as "real human hair"). For additional information on customs regulations, please kindly get in touch with your local customs office.

We do our best to expedite processing and shipment dates, therefore there is only a brief window of opportunity to cancel, change, or change the address of your transaction. Please contact us at info@endaringhair.com as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your order or modify your mailing address.
If our team is unable to cancel your order, you may return it to us once it has been received. After it is returned to our warehouse, we will either reship it to the right location or refund your money in full. 

It happens when there are special occasions and you need the extensions on a certain date. Please contact us before or right after you make your order, so we can make a note of your order and process it as a priority. However, there are some force majeure factors during the shipping, and we cannot fully guarantee the delivery time. If it's unable to arrive on time and you don't need it, you can return the order to us after your receive it.

Order Tracking

You can track your order by entering your tracking number here.


We offer free international express shipping on all orders via DHL or FedEx with delivery time ranging from 1 to 5 business days depending on your location. You can check the ETA of your parcel by entering your tracking number here.


It’s not unusual for tracking to stop updating. This can mean one of many things:

  • The package is delayed in transit
  • The package is stuck at a checkpoint (example: customs)
  • The carrier isn’t scanning the package at each checkpoint (but it’s still in transit)

We know you’re excited to receive your package, but we ask that you please be patient for your tracking to update and for your package to arrive.

Exchange & Return

A tester piece will be included with every set of clip-In, ponytail and halo hair extensions, this piece can be taken out to see if the color is a good fit before opening the whole package.

We understand that selecting the matched color from a screen can be challenging, therefore we are glad to accommodate FREE exchanges and returns within 30 days after you receive your order. And there is no restocking fee.
Only products that have not been opened, worn, or tampered with are eligible for returns and exchanges.

Email us your order number and let us know that which warehouse address you would like for the exchange or return.

After we confirm the product is in its original condition, we will send you the shipping address. Once we receive and inspect the order you ship back to us, we will arrange the shipment for your exchange or issue your refund to your original payment method within 1-2 business days.

Order Change & Cancellation

Our team gets started as soon as an order is placed. Before placing your order, please carefully consider all the details at checkout.

If you realize that you meant to get a different set or you don't need the product if it is under processing, please contact our customer service within 24 hours after your place your order, or we will be unable to accomodate to any change or cancellation.

If your order has been shipped out when you want to make any changes or require a cancellation, here are some possible next steps for you to take. 

Order Change

You are able to reorder the set you wanted to buy. Once you receive the original order you can contact us for the return and we will issue your full refund after we get the returned parcel. It is pretty quick and simple.

Please do not reject the package directly, or it will generate shipping fee and taxes. Contact us for our warehouse address for the return. 

Order Cancellation

If you decided you no longer want the order after it's been shipped out. You can hold up for the order to arrive, then email us and let us know that you would like the warehouse address for the return. Once we receive the order, your full refund will processed back to your original payment method within 1-2 business days.