1. Any concern with the hair must be reported to us via email to the Customer Service Department: service@endaringhair.com within a maximum of 30 days of the receipt date.

2. Full range of products on sale should not be altered in any way from their intended purpose- in doing so Endaring Hair will not be held responsible for the outcome of the extensions.

3. Hair that is being returned to Endaring Hair for testing must be approved by the Endaring Hair Quality Control department. Any goods received without the appropriate paperwork will not be processed until the correct paperwork is received. Failure to provide the completed paperwork within 91 days will result in the goods being destroyed. This will be given at the time of approval via email.
The goods are the responsibility of the customer until they reach the Endaring Hair warehouse. Please ensure all items are packaged properly to avoid transit damages. Any returned goods that we receive which are outside of this Returns Policy will be defined as "In Dispute". Such In Dispute items will not be refunded or exchanged. A reason for this decision will be provided. We are happy to re-ship such In Dispute items back to you at a cost, otherwise, they will be destroyed within 91 working days from their receipt back to us.
We require all the hair back within 7 days of the complaint being approved, this will then be examined and inspected by our dedicated Quality Control Department which can take up to 14 days. Once tested if a fault has been found we will issue you a replacement or refund.

4.1 Any colouring, toning including silver and purple shampooing or tinting of extensions is done entirely at the customer’s own risk and we will not test, refund or exchange any extensions that have been exposed to the above nor will Endaring Hair accept hair back that has been altered in any way including clip-ins. All hair extensions must be returned in the original product colour and format.
4.2 Goods are not considered faulty if their condition deteriorates due to poor hair management including heat damage, incorrect aftercare, or poor application. If no fault is present, or the hair has been damaged or coloured in any way, the goods will be returned to the customer, and we will not refund or replace the goods.

5.1 Heat over 180 degrees should not be used on Endaring hair extensions.
5.2 We do not guarantee the use of our hair extensions whilst on holiday/in warmer climates for various reasons, including discolouration of the hair when coming into contact with swimming pool chlorine and the hair drying out through excess heat. We strongly advise all customers using hair extensions to avoid both chlorine and seawater as this can damage hair and hair colour.

6. Endaring Hair will not issue any refunds or replacements until the original hair has come back for testing.

A simple process:

If you have a concern, please email our support team at service@endaringhair.com with the following information, and we'll get right on it.
1. Your order number, or the full name and email address used at the time of check-out.
2. A detailed description of your concerns
Please provide as much information as you can that may help us understand the context of the issue.
3. A photo of all your wefts laid out on a flat surface, where we can see them clearly from top to bottom. Please ensure the clips are facing upwards.
4. Wait for one of the team members from our Customer Support team to help you. Our response times are quick.

Endaring Hair has the right to determine the value of the resolution offered based on information provided on the issue experienced.