Best way to install clip-in extensions

Best way to install clip-in extensions : The most comprehensive guide for you

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Longtime favorites among extension wearers are clip-in hairpieces. With less commitment than semi-permanent hair growth treatments, they can assist you in getting the hairdo of your dreams. Additionally, they don't harm your natural hair and are simple to put in and style. The best part is that altering your look doesn't require you to spend hundreds of dollars at a salon. It takes some effort to become proficient at applying clip-in hair extensions, but once you are, it only takes a few minutes to remove them. The only tools you'll need are your clip-in set, a rat-tail comb to split your hair, clips to put it up, and a brush to blend the extensions into your natural hair.


1. What Are Clip-In Hair Extensions?

There are 5 or 7 different-width hair wefts included in an Endaring clip-in hair extension package. On the top of each hair weft, clips are carefully connected. Seamless PU-weft clip-in hair extensions and lace-weft clip-in hair extensions are the two varieties of clip-in hair extensions available on the market.

2. Why Endaring Clip-In 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions?

 Hair Extension Endaring

(1)Fewer Pressures on the Folicles

There are multiple pieces to clip-in hair extensions. In accordance with the volume of your hair, you may control the clip-on hair extension's weight, and you can take it off at any moment. It won't apply excessive pressure to your hair, which could harm the follicles that support your hair, so do not worry. Extremely soft clip-in extensions are available. When compared to other hair extensions, they do less damage to your natural hair, allowing you to create a variety of looks and alter them as needed.

2More Flexible Than Semi-Permanent Extensions Method

You won't even notice you are wearing clip-in hair extensions because they are lighter and more flexible than permanent ones. They provide you volume without giving you headaches or neck pain. To create a really light and natural look with hair that is shoulder length or shorter, you will need extension length of 12 to 14 inches or 16 to 18 inches. If you have great hair, you can use a few little wefts that will be perfect to fill your hair without being too heavy when creating a set based on your daily hair demands.

3Clip-In Hair Extensions Will Not Be A Trouble When You Want to do a hair care

You can implant or remove clip-in hair extensions whenever you want because they are a temporary hair extension solution. They give your hair a break, and you may also maintain the quality of your clip-in hair extensions. Most girls who wear clip-in hair extensions are hesitant to experiment with different hair colors and masks because they worry that doing so may harm both their additions and their natural hair. However, you may use hair masks and treatments easily thanks to clip-in hair extensions. After removing clip-ins, you can add hair masks, various colors, lowlights, or highlights to your natural hair.

4Easy and Quick To Apply

Temporary and simple, clip-in hair extensions are made of stainless steel clips. As opposed to tape-in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions are simpler to apply to your hair. You don't need to visit a hairstylist or salon to have clip-ins installed; you may wear or take them out whenever you like at home. Clip-ins blend in flawlessly with your natural hair to make your hair look natural. However, the techniques for other semi-permanent hair extensions are different; you need a specialist to implant them in your hair, and they require upkeep every six to eight months.

(5)Lifespan: Year VS Months

A tape-in cap can stay on your hair for only 6 to 8 months before needing to be removed owing to its condition. Clip-in hair extensions can be worn and removed whenever you like, can last up to a year, and their longevity also depends on how well you take care of them. However, clip-ins are reusable for at least a year.

6Easier Maintenance

Hair extensions that clip in are low-maintenance and ideal for short-term use. They are simple to put in and take out of your hair, and neither a hairstylist nor a beautician is required. They require low care because they are made of 100% human hair; you only need to wash and condition them after using them for 10 to 15 times.

The lace weft clip in hair extensions are produced using sewn-on hair weft, which makes them different from each other. Real hair that seems like it was sewed on like a curtain. After that, three identically sized hair wefts are machine-stitched together on a lace strip.

They are created using glued-on hair weft for PU clip-in hair extensions. The weft is then stitched over these clips directly. One-piece PU seamless clip-in hair extensions have a hair weft that is 50% thinner than lace weft clip-in hair extensions. The PU seamless clip-in hair extensions can then rest flat against the scalp as a result. As a result, you can deftly conceal the hair weft behind your own hair. This is the main justification for why thin, fine-haired women prefer to wear PU seamless clip-in hair extensions.

3. Steps Of Clipping In Your Hair Extensions

1Brush Your Hair

The first step in creating a nice hairstyle is brushing your hair. Starting with brushing your hair at the beginning is crucial since it removes any tangles and gives it a nice look. Making various hair partitions is also made simpler by detangling your hair. Additionally, there are other methods you may use to brush your hair, but to avoid damaging them, we advise brushing slowly.

2Clip 6-Inch Hair Weft (3 Clips) In

Your hair extensions may be clipped in easily and quickly. A few common household tools are all that are required. They come with clips, a mirror, a wide-tooth comb, and a rat-tail comb. Your 6-inch hair weft should be fastened to the base of your head using the four included clips.

The 6-inch weft should first be placed close to the nape of your neck. You must locate a location on your head where the 6-inch hair weft will fit perfectly. The clip needs to be attached after creating a horizontal divide in your hair with your fingers.

After the 6-inch hair weft being secured from the centre within your horizontal hair partition, making sure that it is clipped as closely as possible to your hair roots. You will next attach the left and right clips after the center clip has been fastened. To prevent hair extensions from slipping down, you can tease your natural hair. Additionally, you might use some hair products to keep them in place.

3Clip the second 6- Inch Hair Weft (4 Clips) In

Once you have finished connecting the 6-inch hair weft, you can untie your hair and begin looking for a location with a space that is around the same width as your hair weft to ensure the best possible connection. This location is typically more than 1-inch above the first weft. You can now clip your hair up once more to secure the 6-inch hair weft to your head. You can also stretch this weft apart to make room for the other clips by doing so.

4Clip 8-Inches Hair Weft (4 Clips) In

The 8-inch weft is the widest and should be fastened to the section of your head that is the widest; this area is often located one inch above the second weft.

5Clip The Two Pieces Of 4-Inches Hair Weft (2 Clips) In

Separate a little, straight portion of hair on each side of your head four inches or so above the ear. When using a two-clip weft, fasten the clip that is closest to your hairline first. After that, fasten the second clip more closely to the back of your head.

6Clip The Two Pieces Of 3-Inch Hair Weft (2 Clips) In

These wefts are perfect for being inserted into the sides of your scalp because they create the illusion of thicker hair in front of your face, which aids in giving your face a beautiful shape. With these extensions, your face might look smaller in just a few minutes. To attach the hair weft, create a horizontal hair divider two inches above your ear, clip your remaining hair back out of the way, and then repeat. The opposite side will also go through the same procedure.

7Clip The Two Pieces Of 1-Inch Hair Weft (1 Clip) In

These 1-inch hair wefts are clipped one clip above each weft. Once you have finished securing each hair weft, make sure they are all completely hidden by looking in the mirror.