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Must-know science: the story of sun screenspray and hair extensions

Have you ever thought your hair extensions could be damaged by sunscreen spray? Why is that?

What sunscreen spray ingredients can cause hair extensions to discolor?

Avobenzone is a synthetic dibenzoylmethane derivative, also known as Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane. It is a synthetic sunscreen ingredient that efficiently absorbs a wide range of UVA wavelengths, providing broad-spectrum protection against UVA radiation. It is classified as a "chemical" sunscreen agent because it works by absorbing longer UVA rays and converting them into less harmful infrared radiation (heat). Avobenzone is oil-soluble and widely used in sunscreens. It is considered a broad-spectrum sunscreen agent as it can protect against UVA rays across the entire spectrum. It is one of the few UV filters that offers broad protection and is therefore extensively used in sun protection products. In cosmetics, it also helps prevent the degradation of other ingredients under sunlight exposure.

Avobenzone_chemical_structure sun screenspray and hair extensions

Avobenzone chemical structure. Source: Wikipedia

Test results have shown that Avobenzone's effectiveness as a sunscreen decreases significantly with prolonged exposure to sunlight due to its degradation. To overcome this limitation, most sunscreens containing Avobenzone are formulated with photostabilizers such as octocrylene. Octocrylene is known for its stability and provides effective protection when exposed to sunlight. It stabilizes Avobenzone, allowing it to perform its intended function. The combination of Avobenzone and octocrylene is necessary for optimal sun protection, covering both UVA and UVB rays. When hair extensions come into contact with sunscreen sprays containing these ingredients, the hair color may change to orange, pink.

Not all vendors use the best quality raw materials, this is because most of the raw materials available in the market for hair extensions are treated with a lot of acidic chemicals and soaked in silicone in order to make them look smooth, soft and frizz free.These acid chemicals and silicone interact with sunscreen, sweat, or other chemicals, leading to a change in hair color.

Why don't Endaring's hair extensions change color?

Endaring hair collect the healthy raw hair for our hair extension products directly from the heads of ethnic minority people in China. We use a very healthy collection method(also ETHICALLY SOURCED) that does not involve any processing or treatment of the hair. This method preserves the original nutrients, moisture, and healthy state of the hair, as well as the direction of the hair scales, ensuring the best quality for our hair products.  

Our healthy hair extension products are processed using advanced technology, but we keep the process simple and only perform necessary treatments. We loosen, wash, and dry the hair to make it easier to produce hairstyles. We don’t use heavy processing methods, preserving the hair’s natural nutrients and moisture to provide a healthy touch and natural shine for our hair products.Our processing methods also conserve water and energy, reflecting our commitments to sustainable development. Each strand of hair is carefully treated because we know they will accompany you through every beautiful moment.

Endaring’s hair extensions have been rigorously tested and do not discolor when in contact with any sunscreen sprays.