As for the question that puzzled me when I was in my twenties - what made me break the barriers of my past life and what made me decide to take risks again and again, I think I found the answer - Endaring. Endaring is created with courage. If you want to ask what the Endaring is, it's me; it's you; it can be every woman in the world.

From the time running your fingers through our hair extensions, you can feel our sincere care for every detail of the hair. What is presented in front of your eyes is healthy and sleek remy hair. Our products can be washed without becoming frizzy, straightened, or curled, and last 1+ year, giving you an ever-changing hair experience.

Endaring is about to bring luxury hair extensions for all women. It will be our priority to improve the technology and make product innovation. We want to lead the hair extensions industry, solve the problems that trouble everyone, and provide a way for all women struggling with hair problems to show their beauty and confidence from the inside out.


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